Take Home Pola Day Whitening Kit (Large)

Teeth Whitening Take Home Kit

There has been an unprecedented demand from our patients to get whiter and brighter teeth.  Therefore, for a limited time you can receive $140 off your Pola Day teeth whitening kit. 

Only pay $400. 


Pola Day Take Home Kits include;


Each kit contains;

•10 x 1.3 gram Pola Day syringes in the concentration gel of 9.5% Hydrogen Peroxide

•Shade guide

•Mouth tray case


•Plastic hard storage box


ACCURACY:  Pola’s formula has a neutral pH to protect teeth and gums. As a result, dentists and patients from around the world trust Pola Day products.  

MADE IN AUSTRALIA: All kits are supplied in SDI Australia’s original sealed boxes. Consequently, you can rest assured the product is genuine.

MINIMAL REACTION: SDI’s recommended formula contains a desensitising agent that also reduces plaque formation, cavities and strengthens the teeth whilst whitening.

TREATMENT GUIDELINE:  Apply gel 2 x 15 minutes per day or 1 x 30 minute application per day.

For more information on Pola Day products please visit their website or phone Dendy Village Dental on  9592 0583

Note: Pola Day syringes come in several strengths. At Dendy Village Dental this Take Home Kit comes in the strongest strength of 9.5% Hydrogen Peroxide.