Common orthodontic treatments

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At Dendy Village Dental, we can assist our patients in finding the right orthodontic treatment. There are many options on the market for children, teens and adults that can help with teeth straightening and dental realignment. Options include (but not limited to) metal braces (stainless steel braces), clear braces (clear brackets), and clear aligners (also known as invisible aligners).
Whichever option you choose, Dendy Village Dental will tailor the treatment to suit your oral health and budget.
Our friendly and experienced dentists can discuss options during a one-on-one FREE assessment. There won’t be any pressure to commit to the orthodontic treatment plan. Additionally, Dendy Village Dental has partnered with Zip Money to help you with your orthodontic dental bill.
For more information on booking a FREE orthodontic consultation, please call Dendy Village Dental on 95920583  or book online below.