Teeth whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry- Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the application of a whitening agent to the external surface of your teeth in order to brighten the shade. The results vary depending on the original colour of the teeth, your diet and if you have any dental restorations in your front teeth.

Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly sought-after dental procedures, and it is both completely safe and relatively straightforward procedure. There are two main methods of teeth whitening – in-office whitening and take-home kits. The two methods can be combined to maximise the whitening effect.

How teeth whitening works?

Teeth impressions are taken of both your upper teeth and your lower teeth. Your dentist will construct your teeth whitening trays, customised to your mouth.

For best results, consult with your dentist before applying the teeth whitening solution. 

Are there any risks involved with teeth whitening procedure?

The whitening gel only whitens natural tooth structure. Therefore if you have any dental fillings, dental veneers, dental bridges or crowns in place, these will not lighten in colour. This means they will become obviously different in colour to your natural teeth. You can still proceed with the tooth whitening, however, to achieve a good result you will need to replace any fillings etc once you have achieved the level of brightness you are happy with. Some people experience tooth sensitivity during the process of teeth whitening. This is short term and will resolve when you are no longer applying the teeth whitening gel.

How long does teeth whitening last?

The length of time that the effect of the teeth whitening has on your teeth depends on aspects such as diet and your particular tooth structure. To maintain a desired level of brightness you can purchase the teeth whitening gel one tube at a time and do one 30-60min session every few months.

What is the best way to maintain white teeth?

Conscientious home care including brushing every morning and night, flossing once a day and regular six-monthly check-ups to review teeth whitening and any existing dental treatments.

Each situation is different though and further costs can be incurred, therefore for an accurate maintenance routine, a consultation with a Dendy Village Dental dentist is recommended.

Professional Teeth Whitening options

During your initial consultation, your dentist will double-check that you’re eligible for teeth whitening. If eligible, you can get the 90-minute no-fuss whitening experience and get your teeth whitened by a qualified dentist. For more information, see the Pola Office In-chair Whitening Package $750.

After in-chair teeth whitening,  you can continue teeth whitening at home with the SDI Pola products. Teeth whitening take-home kits can be purchased at Dendy Village Dental. We recommend that you call reception before your visit and double-check that we have stock available.

Pola Office In-chair Whitening Package

We have a fantastic offer. You can get whiter and brighter teeth with our Pola Office Teeth Whitening Package. Savings from $100. Offer is for a limited time. Simply book a FREE teeth whitening consultation with one of our dentists and we can check to see if you’re eligible for the Pola Office Whitening Package.  

Professional in-chair Teeth Whitening Special price $750 includes:

Receive consultation with one of our fully qualified dentists

•Includes a smile analysis and photos

90 minute in-chair teeth whitening procedure valued at $495

•Experience expert care in our state of the art surgery. As a result, you will be cared for by a qualified dentist whose knowledge of teeth whitening will help deliver the best result possible for your smile. 

Take home maintenance kit (small) valued at $350

We care about helping you get the most from your smile. Subsequently, our take home maintenance (small) kit gives you the power to help keep your smile looking whiter for longer.

You will receive;

•1 x relief gel and 1 x hydrogen peroxide gel. 

•Take home upper and lower custom fit bleaching trays. 

Membership for our Smile for Life Program

The Smile for Life membership provides;

•A free bleaching syringe (worth approx $50 per year) every 6 months during your check-up. As a result, your teeth can stay whiter longer. 

•The membership gives patients access to a discounted rate of $350 for any subsequent in-chair whitening surgery. In short, your membership saves you money. 

See full terms and conditions below.

Phone to book on 03 9592 0583

Did you know that the 2022 Miss Universe Australia contestants use Pola whitening products? If you would like to use Pola whitening at your next visit please ask your dentist about the Pola Office whitening option. 

Terms & conditions for Ultimate Teeth Whitening Package/ Pola Office Whitening Package

 1)  Whitening results vary depending on individual circumstances. 2) Inclusions in the Smile for Life program are not redeemable for cash. Offer not transferable. 3) Teeth whitening is not suitable for all patients. Individual results may vary. To ensure best results, patient may require a hygiene treatment prior to teeth whitening. Hygiene treatment is not included in the Ultimate Whitening Solution Package. 4) Discounted rate for subsequent in-chair whitening procedures does not apply if patient does not maintain their regular 6 monthly check up at Dendy Village Dental .5) Offer is valid for a limited time.

Take-home whitening kits

At Dendy Village Dental we sell only high-quality teeth whitening products including Australian made SDI teeth whitening take-home kits. While some over-the-counter products can be effective, it is important you see your dentist first to determine whether or not your stains are the type that is treatable with whitening, and which whitening method is best for you. For more information, please visit the SDI Pola Teeth Whitening take-home kit offers below.

Why choose SDI Pola teeth whitening products


SDI’s Pola formula has a neutral pH to protect teeth and gums. As a result, dentists and patients from around the world trust SDI Pola products. 


Locally made, all kits are supplied in SDI Australia’s original sealed boxes. Consequently, you can rest assured the product is genuine.


SDI’s recommended formula contains a desensitizing agent. Therefore, reducing plaque formation, cavities and strengthens the teeth whilst whitening.


Miss Universe Australia has been using SDI Pola products for years and their contestants love their products. 

Interested in whiter brighter teeth?

If you’ve decided that it’s time to get that smile you always wanted, visit your dentist to discuss your options. Dendy Village Dental offers not only teeth whitening but also other cosmetic dental procedures, general dentistry and sleep dentistry. To make an appointment, call 9592-0583, or click on the button below.